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Like other European cities, Zagreb also has a unique culture that tourists love exploring. The Croatian culture has its own distinct flavour which comes from its rich historical background and geographical conditions. The country has been influenced by many cultures, and it is quite evident from the monuments and historical relics.

The city is filled with museums and art galleries, which happily engross the artistically inclined. Those who love to be outdoors can enjoy the parks, nature, and wildlife areas. Have a look at some of the best cultural spaces and institutions in the city to have a well-rounded experience.


Gallery Greta

Gallery Greta

Galerija Greta is a modern independent art gallery which exhibits new art collection every...


A private gallery situated in the ÄŚrnomerec district, Lauba houses the Filip Trade Collection...


Zagreb World Theatre Festival

Right from the beginning, The World Theatre Festival has always attracted international attention from lovers...

Zagreb International Folklore Festival

The International Folklore Festival organized in mid-July, is a cultural presentation of all folklore groups...


Zagreb City Museum

The Zagreb City Museum is located in the renovated convent of St. Clare and gives us a way to approach...

Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum in Zagreb contains some of the best preserved archaeological remains in...


Zagreb Fair Convention Centre

The Zagreb Fair Convention Centre is one of the biggest exhibition centers in the world and...

Croatian State Archives

The Croatian State Archives is the place where the national archives of Croatia are placed...

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