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Thumbnail for Party Hard at the Top 5 Bars in Zagreb

Party Hard at the Top 5 Bars in Zagreb

October 03, 2018
Are you ready to have a good time? With the New Year a couple of months away, you may be searching for the best places to visit, and this Croatian capital should definitely be at the top of your list. This European city is stunning, and despite its intriguing history, also has a popular nightlife that you can take advantage of. Visit Zagreb and dance away at their top bars with your friends for a wild night out!
Thumbnail for Dine at Zagreb’s Best Brunch Spots

Dine at Zagreb’s Best Brunch Spots

September 04, 2018
As Croatia’s capital city, this landlocked city of Zagreb is an upcoming tourist spot that will leave you completely breathless. The attractions and landmarks of Zagreb are eye-catching and almost every part of the city, including the streets and alleys, have a unique history to it. Why not try enjoying the city life by heading over to the well-known brunch spots in Zagreb before you go out on an exploring adventure! Read on to know more about the restaurants in Zagreb that serve brunch every day.
Thumbnail for Top 5 Coffee Shops in Zagreb

Top 5 Coffee Shops in Zagreb

August 02, 2018
The landlocked city of Zagreb is fast becoming a popular tourist destination, especially when it comes to new and unique visitor landmarks. The Museum of Broken Relationships in Zagreb is by far one of the best attractions to visit during your stay. On your travels to Zagreb, be sure to explore some of the best local coffee shops to get a taste of the local beverage and food when you spend your day walking around the city.
Thumbnail for Best Places to Explore with Kids in Zagreb

Best Places to Explore with Kids in Zagreb

July 09, 2018
The landlocked and capital city of Croatia is one of the finest spots to head over to get exploring some European culture and history. Now, while holidays can be fun, traveling with kids can also be hectic, which is why we have mentioned some top spots that you can travel with kids in Zagreb to avoid the hassle. And, after a long day’s exploration, you can visit some of the best restaurants in Zagreb to end the day on a good note.

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