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Thumbnail for Zagreb's King Tomislav Square - A Must Visit Place

Zagreb's King Tomislav Square - A Must Visit Place

October 27, 2020
Zagreb, the land-locked capital of Croatia is a beautiful destination to explore and experience, especially with the easing lockdown measures after the pandemic. If you have been cooped up indoors, now is the perfect time to wear a mask and get ready to visit all the local parks and landmarks, including the most interesting and beautiful of all, King Tomislav Square.
Thumbnail for Walk Around in Zagreb’s Stunning Parks

Walk Around in Zagreb’s Stunning Parks

September 25, 2020
Fed up of being cooped up indoors? There is nothing more soothing than wearing a face mask and taking a walk in the park with the fresh autumnal air this season in Zagreb. Shops and restaurants can be crowded, so for your safety, avoid the masses and grab a coffee to sit and sip on inside the park. Walk with your friends, your dog or even have your headphones in and make some rounds to burn those calories!
Thumbnail for 5 Reasons to Explore Zagreb during Autumn

5 Reasons to Explore Zagreb during Autumn

August 18, 2020
As the Croatian capital city, Zagreb has a lot of popularity because of the city’s unique and varied culture aside from the popular local attractions. While there are many outdoor activities to try out in the city, the season of autumn brings in fresh, cool air. We have mentioned our favourite reasons to truly experience Zagreb in autumn so that you don’t miss out on the beauty all around. Don’t forget to sanitise and carry a mask during outing!
Thumbnail for Zagreb’s Soul Soothing Cafes

Zagreb’s Soul Soothing Cafes

July 17, 2020
There is just something deeply soothing about starting the day having a good cup of coffee with some lovely treats. This season, take time to step outside your homes and plan a visit to any of these popular local cafes that will fill you up! You can safely wear a mask and shop for some delicious goodies and wander about the Croatian city of Zagreb exploring the local landmarks and maintaining social distance.

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