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Zagreb Travel Tips

Zagreb, a doorway to Western Europe and the capital of Croatia is situated on the slopes of Mount Medvednica by the side of Sava river in Northern Croatia. Apart from being a business destination, Zagreb is also a day-tripper centre with popular intercontinental symposium venue. Zagreb has almost practically a thousand years back enthralling olden times ( history ) along with appealing chronological dating from Paleolithic Veternica Cave all the way through Roman Traditions and captivating medieval old township. It is also prosperous in contemporary stores, spectator sports, museums last but not least historical monuments along with leisure amenities and superior conveying communications and infrastructures. From the time of 1950's, city has developed substantially.


Nearly everywhere, tipping and levy charges are incorporated in invoices. Like ways tipping is not mandatory. However, if you traveling in a group or get an exceptional service then tipping would sound right. Normally it would vary from 10 to 15 %. Tipping can be done in restaurants and can be given to cab drivers.


Croatians believe that it is indecorous for an individual to attend dinner and not have it. In addition, if you are visitor at someone’s residence for banquet you should endeavor to finish all foodstuffs in your platter. Rakia is their most beloved imbibe served at the commencement of feast and it is gracious to accept that.


Smoking at public places is banned in Zagreb. You are permitted to smoke in smoking zones. If caught smoking in public places you are levied with heavy charges. On airport, smoking is strictly prohibited. After passing anti-smoking law, cafés need to keep separate smoking areas where food and drinks cannot be served.


Zagreb has pretty squat misdemeanor rates in city. It is usually safe to travel in key cities and vacationer areas. Trendy tourist destination in Croatia is Adriatic seashore and reported transgression rates are commonly low over there. Brutal crime concerning guest are infrequent. Buses, trams and cabs are safe and sound and also proficient. It is advised to follow a few basic precautions to make vacation more comfortable and safe.

When to Travel

Paramount moment to stopover this metropolis is any point in time of year. Nearly untimely spring, with its sensible temperatures, comparably stumpy moisture and vaguely lesser chance of rain is the unsurpassed season to travel to the city. The summer time may perhaps feel to a great extent scorching. Generally, Zagreb’s temperature is restrained. All the way through Zagreb experiences moderately sturdy downpour but not so much that it’ll tarnish spree to this city.

City Transport

Main public transportation is served by wide-ranging network of Bus and Trams. To explore suburb area, public transportation is available operated by the Zagreb Municipal Transit System (ZET). Tickets are available at kiosk and little more expensive tickets can be purchased from driver itself. For sightseeing and free entry to all city transport, there is one day special ticket available known as Zagreb card pass. Beside public transportation, there are many companies providing car on rental and another cheapest option to explore city center are is bicycle, which are also available on rent in the city. Another option for transport will be to order radio taxi or catch it directly from the train and bus stations.

Emergency Number

Country Code385
City Code1
Medical Unit385-1-661-2274

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