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For all the party animals or even tourists who love to taste and savour the Croatian cuisine, Zagreb is the perfect place to visit. Packed with bars and restaurants, the night comes to life in Zagreb after 2200hrs with nearly every nightclub opening their doors to all.

This city also offers a lot of entertainment like live music and historic attractions to offer visitors more insight into the culture and life of the people in Croatia. Known for its typical European architecture, Zagreb is rising as a tourist destination despite not being the first choice. The nightlife showcases a number of local bands and international artists playing music ranging from jazz to hip-hop and R'n'B. Alternative music is also emerging in the ever-changing nightlife of Zagreb.


Dubravkin Put

Dubravkin Put

This award-winning restaurant serves some of the freshest seafood in town...


Vinodol, a restaurant in Zagreb has been welcoming hungry visitors for decades and...


Dežman Bar

The Dežman Bar lies secluded on a passageway which leads to the Tuškanac forest...

Tolkien's House

Tolkien's House is a welcoming place in Zagreb with interesting interiors and has been...

Live Music

Bacchus jazz bar

Another jazz haven, Bacchus is an ideal place to listen to live jazz music, chat with...

Route 66

After Purgeraj, this is one of the most famous clubs in Zagreb that plays rock music...



Possibly one of the most interesting clubs in Zagreb, Močvara also called...


KSET is actually a student’s club. The oldest club founded in 1969, is a unique...

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