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5 Enchanting Villages near Zagreb to Visit

Waterfront in Samobor, Croatia. Credit: Unsplash/Archana Reddy

Zagreb is a beautiful land-locked city in Croatia; in fact, it is the capital city! Here you will find cultural landmarks like historic museums and art galleries and even family-owned businesses running for decades. This bustling city has so much to offer for travellers & tourists! But, if you’re looking to explore Croatia beyond just Zagreb, plan a road trip to visit these scenic towns & villages. All you need is to rent a car & get exploring!


Samobor (Sambor) is perfect if you want to go out to explore a town that reminds you of the good old days. It is located roughly 30 km (18.5 miles) away from Zagreb, making it the best non-touristy spot for enjoying a quiet weekend away with your loved one. From the 1800s architecture to the cobbled alleyways, this quaint town is perfect to explore the local scenery in Zagreb, without the hustle and bustle of city life. Enjoy!


If there is one small town that deserves a lot more tourists and travellers, it is Rakalj. This hidden gem is located close to the Croatian coastline, nearly 260 km (162 miles) taking roughly 3 hours if you rent a car and drive. From the sandy beaches to the beautiful Baroque church, this is the best place to relax & rewind in complete solitude. Whether you're a tourist or a local in Zagreb, put this small town on your must-visit list. Happy exploring!


If you're in the mood to check out some quaint little towns & villages in Zagreb, then don't miss adding Kumrovec to that list. This teeny tiny village houses a shocking 270 people! Any more & they are usually travellers interested in the Croatian local life. The reason this village is popular is not just because of the natural beauty, but because it was the birthplace of Josip Broz Tito, founder of communist Yugoslavia.


Credit: Pixabay/Croatia Tips

Visiting Osijek will take you around 3 hours to reach from Zagreb, but the trip is well worth it. You can enjoy the Croatian scenic views, learn about the Slavonian cuisine & culture, and check out the local historic attractions. This small town is perfect for enjoying a staycation with the family. If you plan on visiting this town, don't forget to check out the Museum of Slavonia for some amazing new insights!


Vukovar is a historic Croatian town that is nearly 300 km (186 miles) away from Zagreb city centre. Make a road trip out of it, because this town is a historian's mecca! From tragic war tales to heroic historic wins, this town has a lot of stories to tell. Mingle with locals, spend a few days enjoying the food & wine and head back to Zagreb with your mind and hearts full! Safe travels!

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