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Fun Ways to Welcome the New Year in Zagreb

Credit: Pixabay/Jeremy Kyejo

It's the most wonderful time of the year, so it's time for you to head to your favourite destination and enjoy the holiday season! Why not visit Zagreb this time? From amazing historic attractions to beautiful architecture, Zagreb lights up for the Christmas and New Year festivities. If you're wondering what to do to make the most of your time we've got you covered. From mingling in crowds to solo excursions, there's a lot to enjoy!

Dining at a Fancy Restaurant

We all love a good street food meal, but this New Year's splurge on yourself by doing something outside the box! Book a solo meal or a family dinner at a restaurant in Zagreb. Not only can you enjoy a luxurious multi-course meal, but you also get to watch the twinkling city view while you dine in peace. Win-win!

Watch the Fireworks!!

Zagreb. Credit: Unsplash/Dubravko Palić

There can be no New Year celebrations without fireworks, especially when you're in a new city! The easiest way to find the time and location is by checking the events or social media for the city's New Year bonanza. From food vendors and DJ pop-ups, the collective city coming in to celebrate as the clock strikes 12- it is a night worth remembering! Stay safe if you're handling the fireworks at home.

Walk by the Ban Jelačić Square

You can always enjoy welcoming a New Year at the top of the Zagreb Eye Observation Deck. But to truly soak in the electric atmosphere while being a part of the local crowd is something different! Head over to the central part of the city which is the Ban Jelačić Square for some end-of-the-year musical concerts, and ring in the New Year with the entire city. It's a sight to see!

Party at the Nightclub

What better time to mingle with the locals and enjoy the live music concerts than by visiting the hottest nightclubs in Zagreb- especially during New Year's Eve! Whether you love the loud music at a club or prefer soulful jazz tunes at a small bar, there are so many options for you to pick where you want to hang out. The best part is you can go bar or club hopping to get the best of both worlds!

Try Out Croatian Traditions

Good-hearted customs exist all over the world, especially if it means a chance to have some good luck, money and health in the upcoming year! According to Croatian customs, people wash their faces in clean water with an apple in it. Money put inside the apple indicates bringing in money for the year ahead. Other traditions include going on a trip during New Year's to welcome more travelling opportunities. It's fun to see & try!

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